Portland Metro
Community Resource Network
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will the PDX CRN help me find resources for my clients? We hope so! First, check 211 or local resources to find out if the service or resource you are looking for is available in your area. If you are unable to find what you are looking for through other service providers; if you or your client experiences a barrier to accessing a needed service; or if a need is potentially difficult to fulfill, the PDX CRN may be able to help. At this time, persons receiving resources must reside within Portland Metro area.

  2. Can I join as an individual? Yes! Members do not need to be affiliated with an organization. If you belong to a civic group or church, feel free to list that as your organization. If you do not belong to any organization, please register as a community member.

  3. Can more than one person from my organization join? Yes. There is no limit to the number of members who can join from any one organization.

  4. My organization serves residents outside of Portland Metro area. Am I eligible to become a member? Yes. We recognize that many organizations serve a geographical area wider than just Portland Metro area. Requests should only be for services and needs in Portland Metro area.

  5. Is there a cost to becoming a PDX CRN member? Membership is free for anyone who meets the membership criteria as outlined in the Terms of Use.

  6. Who manages the PDX CRN? The PDX CRN was created in partnership with several organizations and Galaxux.

Portland Metro
Community Resource Network
Email - info@pdxcrn.org
Phone - (503)999-5029