Portland Metro
Community Resource Network
PDX CRN soft launch started on April 17, in Washington County. We have started accepting Requests and Shares.
What is The Portland Metro Community Resource Network?
The Portland Metro Community Resource Network (PDX CRN) is a community engagement platform that focuses on firming up safety nets and expanding opportunities.
The CRN aligns services, connects resources to fill unmet needs for community members, and accelerates impact by utilizing private sector innovation, leveraging public sector resources and mobilizing social service networks.

How does it work?
The CRN is comprised of public bodies, non-profits, for-profit businesses, tribes, and individuals. When a member becomes aware of a need it is posted on the CRN. No personally identifiable information about the client is listed, just the basics about the need. The CRN uses custom matching to only notify those members whose profiles match the need. CRN Members contact the requester directly to coordinate details. The CRN platform connects resources to needs in the local community.
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CRN Members Can
Create a custom profile and select service/need categories and locations of interest to them.
  • Share resources or goods.
  • View and fulfill requests from other CRN members.
  • Seek resources for unmet needs.
  • Gather quarterly to celebrate CRN successes and view real-time community data.
  • Provide input to add new functionality and improve the CRN.

The CRN is a free online tool for organizations to share resources and/or unmet needs. You might use the CRN to:
  • Share resources or goods. For example, you could share surplus school supplies with those in need. CRN members can arrange pick up or delivery directly.
  • Seek resources for unmet needs. For example, you are working with a family and encounter a service gap. You could use the CRN to try and fill their unmet need.
  • Share service-oriented information. For example, you are conducting a health fair. You could use the CRN to promote this event to those members interested in this area.

To watch the recording of the PDX CRN forum of your county,
follow the respective county links below or watch the entire PDX CRN playlist

Fill the CRN Community Interest Form - Here

Portland Metro
Community Resource Network
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Phone - (503)999-5029